Baked Potato Experiment Successful... But.

image (22).png

First experiments are rarely pretty.  In this case the experiment still made for a fine side to a flank steak with Montreal seasoning, despite the fact that the skins were burned beyond crispy. Why did the skins burn? My excuse is that I was distracted by the Nor'easter that was still gusting 35 mph when I baked these. In any case I wasn't paying attention and when I checked the thermometer in the top of the grill it showed 550F. This is the result after 25 minutes. The insides of the potatoes were soft and moist... but a chisel would have been a fine tool to break them open.

I'll try again soon. My guess is that at 425, a medium sized potato would bake perfectly in around 25 minutes on a VertiGrille™. As a control I plan to do one wrapped in aluminum foil at the same time.

- Mike

Mike Marks