Marshmallows and s'mores!

What VertiGrille™ does really well is cook marshmallows quickly and consistently. In our oven 400F and about 2 minutes is perfection. You'll want to experiment a bit before fully committing to a time and temp in your own oven or on your grill. Getting the timing and temp down is critical. Wait too long and they turn into a seriously gooey mess. You cannot be distracted when you do this. 30 seconds is the difference between perfection and disaster.It's fun to watch marshmallows through an oven window as they puff up and slide down the skewers. Making a tray of aluminum foil as a landing pad is helpful too.

Pulling a gooey marshmallow off the spike with your hand is difficult. But put fork underneath with the skewer in between the tines and it lifts off neatly and easily.

Since marshmallows are sugar and sugar dissolves in water, clean-up is no problem. Just let the VertiGrille™ base and skewers soak a bit and everything comes right off.

- Mike



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Mike Marks